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Equine Videos

A superb collection of horse videos, appreciating the beauty of horses in their true raw form - check volume buttons for sound on clips

Title:  Charlotte Dujardin's World Record Breaking Freestyle Test At London Olympia


Title:  We Are Free

Music:  Hans Zimmer & Lisa Gerrard



Title:  Equestrian Sport Is Our Passion


Title:  A Horse's Prayer

Music:  The Cinematic Orchestra - The Opening Titles 
From the "Crimson Wing - Mystery of the Flamingos (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)".

Creative:  Sophianinam


Film:  FEI Equestrian World - Living Horse Museum, Chantilly, France

Creative:  FEI Channel


Music:  I'm Not Aftraid

Artist:  EMINEN

Creative:  Ray The Goth


Music:  Two Steps From Hell - Heart of Courage

Movies:  Alexander, Braveheart, Gladiator, Kingdom of Heaven, The Lighthorseman, LOTR: Return of the King, Mongol, The Patriot, Robin Hood, Taras Bulba, The Last Samurai, The Four Feathers, Waterloo

Creative:  The Horse Charge by Tinman4368


Music:  Down The Road

Artist:  French DJs C2C

Advert:  OPI Products


Music:  Ashes by City of the Fallen

Creative: Dawn and Sunshine

Quotes: Adapted by William Shakespeare, Bryan Waller Procter, Cathie Judge, Jerry Shulman


Education:  Behind The Scenes Of Show Jumping - Excelling Under Pressure - Ben Maher


Education:  Hartpury College Equine, UK - http://www.hartpury.ac.uk/equine


Education:  Colorado State Equine Sciences Program, USA - http://equinescience.agsci.colostate.edu



Music:  Battle from the 'Transformers: Dark Of The Moon' soundtrack

Creative:  Sophianinam



Music:  Wild Horses

Artist:  Natasha Bedingfield 


Music:  Divenire

Artist:  Ludovico Einaudi, Robert Ziegler & Royal Philarmonic Orchestra

Creative:  Crazy Horse Girly



Music:  Adiemus

Artist: Enya, Karl Jenkins


Music:  Seranata Immortale

Artist:  Immediate Music from album Trailerhead


Title:  Horses in Dream


Title:  Andreas Helgstrand Freestyle Dressage Final Performance


Music:  Now We Are Free

Artist:  Hans ZImmer 


Title:  Magic of Horses


Title: Amazing Galloping Horses


Film(s):  Le Cheval Venu De La Mer, Dreamer, Spirit, The Young Black Stallion, The Black Stallion, Black Beauty

Music:  So Amazing

Artist:  Janelle, Luther Vandross (original)


Title:  Equestrianism


Title:  We Got Ourselves A Game