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I wish to buy a painting can I negotiate the price?

No, prices on Equestrian-Living are all inclusive and non negotiable.

Do your prices include TAX? 

All retail prices include taxes where applicable. The price you see is the price you pay


Insurance is separately chargeable if required; it is advisable to insure fragile items.

Can I have a look at the artwork before buying it?

Unfortunately, that is not a possibility since we are a web based portal for art. However, care is taken to ensure the image is as close to the real artwork as possible. Remember we are sourcing from across the world and each piece is generally a commissioned piece to the artist.

I like an artwork on the website. Can I reserve it?

No, you cannot reserve paintings for purchase at a later date. 

What is the sequence of events when I order a piece of art?

Once you order an item listed on the website, the artist is immediately informed of it and gets the order ready to ship. We await the payment to be credited into our account and thereafter ship the artwork to you through a reliable courier service.

How do you ship? 

We ship the majority of our orders with FedEx. From time to time we may use another courier service depending on the size of the shipment. Most orders are commissioned and shall be delivered in 4-12 weeks generally unless a larger specific piece - if it comes in sooner we will advise you accordingly. Remember, all good things come to those that wait!

How soon can I get the ordered art?

You can get the order delivered after the commission has arrived and checked on our end. All payments must be cleared in advance and credited into Equestrian-Living bank account. The artist couriers the work in a time period of between 14 days and 90 days generally which will be indicated at time of sale for approval, as some are based overseas. We will endeavour to get it to you as soon as possible.

How can I check my order status? 

E-mail order-specific questions and we'll help you out the best we can.

Will I be notified once my order is shipped? 

Definitely! We will e-mail you as soon as your order ships and keep you updated as soon as we have news, with a tracking number if your shipping option provides one.