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About Us

What started as a hobby, has turned into a big love affair with horses!

Globe-trotting and horsing-around a ride over a Rajasthani rugged mountainside range...embracing sandy beaches for soft canters while enjoying the sound of the sea in the background...rambling a delightful hack in the tranquility of the countryside...in the saddle stretching over serene vineyards...journeying across desert safari's in mind-blowing heat and much more experiences than we care to share, has become a passion to expand our journey into an educational and commercial enterprise.

With a love of art for a very long time, we have been discovering unique pieces of art as a collection on all our travels. We have continued to 'fall in love' with each unique piece whether it was a walking stick inspired by the head of a horse, or an antique Italian door-knocker with a bronze head of a horse, inspired by a series of canvases of wild horses, to an intricate wood horse sculpture commissioned for our pleasure...the smallest to the largest horse-inspired creation bought a smile to our faces!

We continue to be art collectors, and have now decided to help others browse, discover and get inspired with that special something - make collecting modern art even more fun. We provide resource on equine knowledge and fine art from across the world for your perusal.

We seek out design-inspired carvings, sculptures, sketches, paintings, symbolization, abstraction, models, photography, installation art as a means to communicate the appeal for our discerning clientele who appreciate style, quality and creativity.

Bespoke individuality is the essence of the art, working with artisans from around the world, we are able to bring you equine art to adorn your lifestyle interiors.

Our aim is to be inspirational, innovative and elegant in the design concepts we have handpicked. We seek ideas that are unique and tailored, contemporary and functional, elegant and stylish.

Learn to evolve and enjoy the fruits of your labour - appreciate this as our labour of love.

Expect the extraordinary.

Dedicated to the loves of our life...


(We will be donating some of our proceeds to Anima Terra Trust as our Corporate Social Responsibility initiative which is an NGO supporting the welfare of horses in India with a shelter in Karjat - for further information about the chosen charity please read our Blog)