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Outdoor Art Installation Sets The Scene June 06 2013

Artistic Intelligence

We were inspired by this piece of art and wanted to share the beauty of it with our readers.

A Clear Solution June 05 2013

Respiratory problems in heat and dust - finding a way forward
Dust is a concern—a potential health hazard—for both horse and human, as it makes both more prone to respiratory issues. That makes dust control a priority for stable owners.

There is no one solution for dust control that fits all equine arenas and barns. Watering the arena is one step, whether with a handy garden hose or a sophisticated sprinkler system. Proper preparation of the footing is another step. That can take the form of adding rubber footing materials or coatings or utilizing rubber bricks or mats. Read more...http://stablemanagement.com/article-archive/barns-grounds/a-clear-solution/