Funny Horses September 23 2013

Love Life With Laughter

Thought it time we gave you some humour with a selection of images we found to be fun and light-hearted...we can't take life too seriously every day.

CAPTION: "I think my teeth are better than yours, mama!"

CAPTION: "Love is in the air"

CAPTION: "Incredibly true!"

CAPTION: "Yes, this is my winter coat...I think it's rather stylish"

CAPTION: "Can we sneak into bed, do you think?"

CAPTION: "Nice bottom!"

CAPTION: "Flying high, and i'm not letting go!"

CAPTION: "Hey I bought these in the sales, what do you think?"

CAPTION: "Time for a hug...come on give me a cuddle!"

CAPTION: "There's always one awkward bugger, isn't there!"

CAPTION: "Who said we have to be perfect?"

CAPTION: "That's me, for sure!"

CAPTION: "We like to line dance, it's what we do best!"

CAPTION: "Women's Rights!"