Charity Begins At Home August 12 2013

Terra Anima Trust
We decided to investigate charities that help horses as we have seen the plight of horses who are not well taken care of - incidents from being starved, to being mishandled, to disease that is not dealt with in a timely fashion, that can lead to severe consequences.
We agreed that the objective is to supply food and medicines to a place we felt would benefit the most from our joint contribution - for us whether we help one horse or ten, it's important to make a contribution in some form or another, and make a difference. 

We ruled international charities out, since monies is mainly what they were looking for, and going to an international aid which did not directly benefit the 'horses in distress' of India which is our true ethos, we decided to review the local NGO charities.

Our cause is specific, for wanting to help horses and in meeting our own objectives of how we could make a difference; we have singled out Terra Anima Trust, near Karjat that offers shelter to horses that are abandoned, tortured or disabled.

Terra Anima Trust a small team, and is in operation since 2011. We are convinced that the Trust really could do with help, and promote to help heal these distressed horses wherever they find them, and give them a loving environment to live in and then hopefully move them on to better homes.

While the team agrees there is a lot of work ahead, it is apparent from our visit to the farm that this is a cause that genuinely needed our encouragement and endorsement. Our support will be in the form of buying feed and medicine for the horses, which shall be provided by us through contributing part of the sale proceeds of Equine Art Store.

Terra Anima is registered under the Bombay Pubic Trusts Act 1950.

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