Efficient Solution to Maintaining Paddocks June 14 2013

Wessex Dung Beetle paddock cleaner is a dung deal!

Broadwood International has unveiled a new self-powered paddock cleaner that sweeps up droppings as it is towed around the field.

The Wessex Dung Beetle runs on four wheels for maximum stability, and is designed to follow the ground contours with a brush rotor. The sweeper has four banks of polypropylene brushes that propel debris into the hopper, while the bristles on the brush clears dead grass, encouraging fresh growth, and tines loosen stubborn muck.

The Dung Beetle is powered either by a 5½hp Honda petrol engine or a PTO version, which drives a rotor via twin belts with a centrifrugal clutch.

The manufacturers say that it has already proved popular with equestrian centres, stud farms, zoos and wildlife parks.
RRP: £4,255
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